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i am hungry to do the art

maybe like single character trades
I need to work on focusing on small scale pieces and not turning everything into a painting
it's a bad habit


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Sophomore Year by WillowEscapee
Sophomore Year
WWOW I drew this back in December and didn't bother getting around to submit it until now. Probs because I wanted to explain everything in it but was too lazy to at the time haha. But now I am here and am Free of the Lazy and Have the Time! And it'll be fun to try to remember what everything means.

I drew this to encapsulate many of the experiences I had my fall semester of my sophomore year of college, since it was arguably one of the most emotionally turbulent times of my life. I ended up making and destroying a fair number of friendships simultaneously. Fun times! I'm going to run down the meanings of the symbols so I don't forget.

From top to bottom, left to right:

The Angels: The two people in my life that carried me through academic turmoil, ordering pizza with me in the wee hours of night and holding my hand through all my organic chemistry blunders

The chemical drum and respirator: I ended up taking up work in a chemical plant, but they refused my admittance at first because I wasn't physically well enough to wear a negative-space respirator. Respirators are so cool though! There's something empowering about being able to traverse through dangerous environments with only a mask separating your very, very fragile breathing organs from the world.

The syringe: they had to take my blood for work...not my favorite thing in the world. I also drove across the state of Massachusetts for the first time to get that blood test. I was terrified. 

The rocket: An allusion to travelling far off, and the far off reaches from which I met people

The devil satyr: An unwanted offer to fulfill carnal desires that were not present

The rainbow: Every time I draw those goddamn stripes, it's a reference to the band Tycho, I promise

The mannequin: A good friend at the last minute

The mackerel with glasses: He doesn't want what you want

The yacht: I went on a yacht. It was great.

The wind turbine: Remnants of a shitty fluid mechanics project we bullshitted really really hard

The smoker: A delightful friend from Dublin who carried a cloud of smoke like his conscience

The half-masked scarf: A deeper friend than I first imagined

The hidden leaf: A desire to parade with you through the trees, but you rejected it

The Tau Wolf: Tau is the fluid mechanics coefficient for shear stress. The Tau Wolf, in its great size and anxious face, is just that: stress, in a physical form

The pencil: take a guess

The Christmas lights: For when we didn't have a tree and stacked a bunch of Monster cans for a makeshift one

The female symbol, stabbing in the eye: for when the oppressor tries to tell the oppressed when, where, and how they can feel safe. 

The rose: You kept that rose from October to April. We watched it die together. Then we took silly pictures with it

The cupcake: The bane of my roommate's existence

The ?: A symbol of 24-hours of asthma and sleeping on the student center floor with a Nesquik and a roll of aluminum foil

The Chicken: Friends I could have had had you not been an asshole

The Firespinning Jackrabbit: Yes, you, you are the asshole

The blue hand: Trying to keep things together

The Apple: A time spent with friends climbing trees and eating their goods

The octopus: Remnant of 8 hours in a basement, Popeyes, clay, light painting, and people I didn't like all that much

The white pumpkin: Once we cooked an entire pumpkin. Why do people waste their pumpkins after Halloween? The whole thing is edible, I swear

The bolt: let me tell you something: I regret my animation minor

The camera: I had to model that and I didn't have a good time

The quesadilla: We lived off of that quesadilla maker for weeks. Pizzadilla. Peanut butter and jellydilla. Breakfastdilla. You name it.

The water: It's my cold blue blood. I'm a horseshoe crab.

The crystals: spiritual energy probably

The pipes: goddamn FLUID MECHANICS
  • Listening to: sirens
i am hungry to do the art

maybe like single character trades
I need to work on focusing on small scale pieces and not turning everything into a painting
it's a bad habit
Mythos Duality by WillowEscapee
Mythos Duality
A redraw of this piece from 2008:… WARNING: everything about that post is cringe-worthy

My art has been through a lot of garbage as I've been discovering what techniques I like and don't like, what techniques I polish, how much time I'm willing to put into my art, etc. etc. etc. normal growth stuff when you draw. My subject matter hasn't changed too much though. I like drawing mythical boys?? What can I say?

I keep getting distracted by social media instead of writing this description, sorry that I'm a chump

Anyways, back in '08 this picture was some weird interpretation of some guy that I knew and his developing personality and how like everything he did I would take personally.

now it's two mythical dads protecting the planet jupiter

ah, see, look how much we've grown

  • Listening to: DOODOODOODOODOO
the hell am i doing

oh man time to show off something shitty from long ago
WillowEscapee by WillowEscapee


Double-Sided by WillowEscapee


What is the use of this? by WillowEscapee


i'm so sorry baby me. Someday you will grow up and learn to take critiques.
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WILLOWESCAPEE started in 2008 and was FAIRLY ACTIVE up until around 2012
WHY? Let me tell you a STORY

MONICA worked really hard the last two years of HIGH SCHOOL to get into PREMIER COLLEGES and simultaneously FAILED and SUCCEEDED

MONICA stopped posting most of her work to DEVIANTART because she had to keep her AP PORTFOLIO under wraps for a while. The failure to post led to a subsequent RELUCTANCE to share art over the deviantART platform because it was just becoming TOO CLUTTERED and UNEXCITING to navigate like it used to when MONICA was a WEE BABY on the website.
MONICA uprooted herself to TUMBLR where most of her art started cycling. She gained BRIEF attention by turning POP CULTURE CHARACTERS into KIWIS. She will still do this when she gets the HANKERING.

IN REAL LIFE, MONICA moved for the FIRST TIME to NEW ENGLAND and became subsequently TRAUMATIZED. MOVING IS TERRIFYING, she screamed into the void, THIS WAS A MISTAKE. The next three months would be spent convincing herself this was INDEED NOT A MISTAKE. MONICA is here to confirm it was INDEED NOT A MISTAKE.

MONICA gained many friends and several enemies and a couple of lovers over the past TWO YEARS AT UNIVERSITY. She has to spend a lot of her time doing CHEMICAL ENGINEERING WORK as that is her COLLEGE MAJOR. This is FINE. She is not COMPLAINING. She will fight whoever tells her she should be doing art for a living. NO, she will shout, I DO NOT WANT TO DO SO MUCH ART THAT I DO NOT LOVE IT ANYMORE ALSO I'M PRETTY GOOD AT MATH AND FLUID MECH I GUESS

MONICA is also pursing a minor in ANIMATION and is working on figure out what the HELL MAYA is about. HELL MAYA IS ABOUT HELL we have learned. We are TAMING THE HELL BEASTS WITH OUR FLAMING WHIPS. HIYAAHH

Speaking of FLAMING THINGS, MONICA was also roped into a band of JUGGLERS and is currently self-teaching the art of SPINNING POI to work up to SPINNING THINGS ON FIRE. MONICA has met some odd characters along her journeys but mostly a DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF FIRE SPINNERS. MONICA loves the FIRE SPINNERS. She is ENTICED by DANGER and PRETTY LIGHTS and SPINNY SHAPES.

MONICA has also been traveling around, mostly BOSTON, PROVIDENCE, MONTREAL, AND LONDON. She is working on SAVING EVERY LAST PENNY to throw herself into a BACKPACKING TRIP ACROSS EUROPE despite her parents' GLARING DISAPPROVAL of anything MILDLY DANGEROUS.

MONICA is currently off of school and working in PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT in the CHEMICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY. She touches a lot of COOL GLASSWARE and THINGS CLOSE TO BEING ON FIRE. She mostly FILLS OUT EXCEL SPREADSHEETS. That is on the lower end of the excitement spectrum. On the higher end are things like FILLING MASSIVE REACTORS WITH DANGEROUS SHIT and WEARING A RESPIRATOR and ACHIEVING NEAR VACUUM.

When she gets home she gets back to writing a brief AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WEBCOMIC. It is planned to be THREE VOLUMES LONG and KIND OF EMBARRASSING. If you ask her for the link SHE WILL GIVE IT TO YOU and preface it with a SECOND-HAND EMBARRASSMENT WARNING.

there you go. a message to whoever is left on this site looking for updates from MONICA. MONICA makes no promises about her future activity on this site. BUT SHE IS ALWAYS ON TUMBLR. WILLOWESCAPEE.TUMBLR.COM 


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Observing quietly.

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